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Who We Are ?

The design rhythm was created by combining these two concepts. It is a company that was born with the idea of understanding the object, deriving the value through the methodological approach of design, and convincing the company's value through the rhythm. Design Rhythm is designed to express the value through rhythm by designing the direction that the company pursues, head of Design Consulting Agency. Realize customer needs by extending kitsch values to classic qualitative values in the excessive information of the digital society. A website should reveal the company's past, present and future. The truth and transparency embody a company's sustainability, strategy and goals. The homepage is the best tool to express for the truth and transparency of the future value of a company. Design Rhythm has been researching and realizing the essence of a company for a long period of time so that consumers can discover trust and value by embodying the essence of the website.

About Us

Everything that exists has its own rhythm. Consumers feel trust when their identity and good rhythm resonate. The design rhythm seeks to express the most intrinsic value of the object.

Our Goals

The purpose is to make the brand, product value, and user's needs so that the unique value of the object can be felt from the perspective of design.

Our Values

Rhythm on the website is revealed through the principle of formativeness such as proportionality, balance, movement, movement, contrast, and organic harmony with visual elements such as color, text and image.

Design Rhythm Features.

The design rhythm exists for the success of companies that strive for correct values in the digital society.

  • 1 Beaufitul Design

    The harmony between classic and digital is the value I want to create.

  • 2 Active participation

    We want to build a system that participates in clients themselves for their future.

  • 3 Education System for clients

    Education system to increase the quality value of content

My Design comes from
Great Books.

Paul Jacques Grillo


Massimo Vignelli




E.H Carr


Zygmunt Bauman




Miguel de Cervantes




Michael Bond


Great Words
Massimo Vignelli The Vignelli Canon
Paul Jacques Grillo form, function and design
Alberto Giacometti Walking Man

" Design is essentially a permanent concept or continuity, so it is quite different from a decoration that has only useless and temporary use that is consumed quickly. However, in some forms, efforts can be made to reduce the consumption of fashion so that the design itself can be expressed. This effort may be the essence of design. "

" Only through the constant practice of your grammar, your scales and arpeggios, vocalises and sketches, will you become articulate in your art. All the rest is nonsense. "

" The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity. It is impossible to do a thing the way I see it because the close I get the more differently I see. "

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